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flyingsquirrel0's Journal

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pandoras box minus hope
10 January
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first off i fuck up a lot....
i like having a good time...
but that rarely happens...
i overanalyze things to the point where i overanalyze my analyzation...
and then i run hide and do anything i can to stop it all...

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User Number: 46629
Date Created:2001-01-23
Number of Posts: 1035

the flying squirrel is an interesting individual. he likes to sit in high places with his sniper rifle and prey on the lesser life forms of this earth. he is about as close to being a god as you can get. he also likes to type in all lowercase and use his special smiley ¦- )
Strengths: basically everything...
Weaknesses: fast cars, litres of jack daniels, video games, boobies (found on females chests)...
Special Skills: supreme commander of the squirrel minions, head shots from miles away, playing video games for over 20 hours a week and still working 40 hours and school and other things...
Weapons: sniper rifles, other rifles, ps2 controllers, compact discs, trackballs, lesser squirrels from the minions...
Pet Peeves: women drivers, bad acting, women drivers, ben affleck, women drivers, running out of goldfish crackers, women drivers...

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